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This is the mdash template, it looks like this "—".

It works similarly to the html markup sequence "—". That is, a long dash (known as an em dash).

{{}} and {{emdash}} redirect here and can be used as alternative names for this template.

Normal usage[change source]

The recommended usage is to use no space before or after the template, like this:

Spices{{mdash}}like [[Black pepper|Pepper]]{{mdash}}are added to food.

Which looks like this:

Spices—like Pepper—are added to food.

Dot size reference list[change source]

· <small> middot
· middot
· <small> bold middot
· bold middot
<small> bullet
bold bullet

Related pages[change source]

There are several other templates with similar functionality:

  • {{·}} – Bold middot "·" is mostly used for dotted lists.
  • {{•}} – Bullet "•" is mostly used for dotted lists that use small font sizes.
  • {{ndash}} – Ndash "–" is a short dash, one half the width of an em dash.