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Use[change source]

This is a subtemplate of {{Epi}}. It creates one sortable cell of a sortable table displaying a measurement formatted in international miles (of exactly 1609.344 meters) followed with the same measurement formatted in kilometers. This template is an alternative to Template:Epi/kmomi for the United States.

The syntax of this template is:



  • var1 is a real number representing the measurement in kilometres (may not contain a thousands separator), or NA if not available
  • a is an optional alignment parameter:
    • a=left yields left alignment
    • a=center yields center alignment (default)
    • a=right yields right alignment
  • d is an optional integer representing the number of decimal places to display
default precision:
value less than 19.995 = 0.01
value less than 199.95 = 0.1
value at least 199.95 = 1
  • l is an optional lines parameter:
    • l=1 yields a single-line display
    • l=2 yields a double-line display (default)
  • p is an optional prefix to display before each number, e.g. about , ~, >, < (default is no prefix)
  • r is an optional integer representing the number of rows to span (default=1)
  • s is an optional style parameter:
    • s= yields regular style (default)
    • s='' yields italic style
    • s=''' yields bold style
    • s=''''' yields bold italic style

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