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Code Result
[[{{Fb position|GK}}|GK]] GK
[[{{Fb position|DF}}|DF]] DF
[[{{Fb position|FB}}|FB]] FB
[[{{Fb position|RB}}|RB]] RB
[[{{Fb position|CB}}|CB]] CB
[[{{Fb position|LB}}|LB]] LB
[[{{Fb position|RWB}}|RWB]] RWB
[[{{Fb position|LWB}}|LWB]] LWB
[[{{Fb position|MF}}|MF]] MF
[[{{Fb position|CM}}|CM]] CM
[[{{Fb position|DM}}|DM]] DM
[[{{Fb position|AM}}|AM]] AM
[[{{Fb position|LM}}|LM]] LM
[[{{Fb position|RM}}|RM]] RM
[[{{Fb position|LW}}|LW]] LW
[[{{Fb position|WI}}|WI]] WI
[[{{Fb position|RW}}|RW]] RW
[[{{Fb position|FW}}|FW]] FW
[[{{Fb position|CF}}|CF]] CF
[[{{Fb position|ST}}|ST]] ST
[[{{Fb position|SS}}|SS]] SS

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