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GEOnet2 at GEOnet Names Server

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{{GEOnet2}} provides a reference link to a GEOnet G_NAME a.k.a. Name_GUID search index or key.

Syntax[change source]



  • Name_GUID is the corresponding index or key field from the GEOnet Names Database
  • Optional Link-label-name can be used to label the reference link, otherwise defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
sDCValue = 'DC'
sId = "'" + UNI + "'"

Examples[change source]

{{GEOnet2}} examples
Code Produces Description
{{GEOnet2|32FA88151D7D3774E0440003BA962ED3}} GEOnet2 at GEOnet Names Server Baku, Azerbaijan Name_GUID
{{GEOnet2|32FA88151D7D3774E0440003BA962ED3|Baku, Azerbaijan}} Baku, Azerbaijan at GEOnet Names Server Baku, Azerbaijan Name_GUID

Parameters[change source]

{{GEOnet2}} parameters
Parameter Mandatory or Optional Default Description
{1} Mandatory Undefined G_NAME in detaillinksearch.asp URL a.k.a. Name_GUID database search key
{2} Optional {{PAGENAME}} Link-label-name

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