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{{{name}}} at Project Gutenberg

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This is a template to generate links to the Project Gutenberg. This template should be used exclusively for BOOKS.

To link to AUTHOR listings in Project Gutenberg, use {{Gutenberg author}}.

Process[change source]

  1. Go to the Project Gutenberg web site.
  2. Look up the page that has the book you want to link via the template.
  3. Get the EText-No. and the Book name.
  4. Edit the Wikipedia page and add in the Gutenberg template, setting the 'no' variable equal to the EText-No. and the 'name' equal to the book name.

Basic usage[change source]

{{Gutenberg|no= |name=  }} 
{{Gutenberg|no=2383|name=The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems}}
{{Gutenberg|no=2383|name=The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems|author=[[Geoffrey Chaucer]]}}