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Usage[change source]

This template is placed at the top of an article's talk page to request that someone take a photograph for an article or add an image (from another source) to an article.

It is not a general-purpose "no image present" indicator. Editors placing this template on a talk page should provide information about what photographs are wanted.

Examples[change source]

Description Template Example
Basic Table with no additional Parameters {{Image requested}}
With "in" specified {{Image requested|in=the United States}}

With subject category parameter {{Image requested|consumer electronics‎}}

With subject category parameter and multiple "in" specified {{Image requested|rivers and waterfalls‎|in=France|in2=Germany}}

With subject category, in parameter and additional information parameter {{Image requested|architecture|in=England|of=the main entrance}}

With "|free=yes" Parameter {{Image requested|free=yes}}

With "|small=yes" Parameter {{Image requested|small=yes}}

Explain your request[change source]

If the subject matter isn't perfectly obvious (such as an article about a physical object), please explain your request on the talk page. It is very helpful to give photographers your ideas, particularly for abstract ideas, such as legal and philosophical concepts.

If you have a specific idea for another image, then use the |of= parameter to name the specific picture that you would like. This is particularly helpful if there are already images in the article.

Unexplained and uncategorized templates may be deleted by any editor.

Parameters[change source]

The template employs several optional data field parameters as described below.

{{Image requested

Notes[change source]

  • This template adds the article to Category:Articles needing pictures.
  • To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template. A common initial configuration for the template includes the following basic parameters:
{{image requested| |of=|in=|in2=|in3=}}