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† {{{image}}}
Full name: {{{full_name}}}
Other names: † {{{other_names}}}
Abbreviation: † {{{abbreviation}}}
Language: † {{{language}}}
NT published: † [[{{{NT_published}}}]]
OT published: † [[{{{OT_published}}}]]
Complete Bible published: † [[{{{complete_bible_published}}}]]
Apocrypha books: † {{{apocrypha_books}}}
Author(s): † {{{author_info}}}
Derived from: † {{{derived_from}}}
Textual basis: † {{{textual_basis}}}
Translation type: † {{{translation_type}}}
Reading level: † {{{reading_level}}}
Version revised: † {{{version_revised}}}
Publisher: † {{{publisher}}}
Copyright status: † {{{copyright}}}
Copies printed: † {{{copies_printed}}}
Religious affiliation: † {{{religious_affiliation}}}
Online address: † {{{online_address}}}
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