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Usage[change source]

{{{long caption}}}

This template acts to provide common formatting for other aircraft-related infoboxes. It (and any boxes that follow it) must be enclosed by {| and |} that enclose a wiki-table (see Help:Tables).

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |parameters go here

For an article on an aircraft type, use:

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft type
 |parameters go here

Or, for an article on an aero engine, use:

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft engine
 |parameters go here

Multiple templates can be stacked one after the other. For example, where the only example built of a particular aircraft type also had an individually noteworthy career (e.g., The Spirit of St. Louis, use:

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft type
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft career
 |parameters go here

Other modules[change source]

Other modules currently available for the modular Infobox aircraft are:

{{Infobox aircraft type}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft type (or subtype), such as role, manufacturer, number produced, date of first flight (but not technical specifications)
{{Infobox aircraft career}}
Data fields relevant to an individually significant airframe, such as construction number, registration number, military serial, current preservation status.
{{Infobox aircraft engine}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft engine, such as type, manufacturer, major applications (but not technical specifications)
{{Infobox aircraft program}}
General data on programs to develop types (and subtypes) of aircraft and aircraft engines, but not on the aircraft or engines themselves or their technical specifications

Parameters[change source]

The subject of the article. When naming aircraft and engines, please do not repeat the name of the manufacturer unless the name would be otherwise ambiguous. For example, "P-51 Mustang" does not need to have "North American" in front of it: the name itself is unambiguous and the manufacturer will be stated just a few lines down in the Type Infobox.
In the format filename.xxx format with or without 'File:' tag
size or image_size
Allows for the specification of image size; default is 250px.
Alt text for the image, for readers who cannot see the image. Please see WP:ALT for details.
set to yes to add a thin border to the image
A short (one- or two-line) caption for the image. If it isn't descriptive, then please skip it. "Boeing 747" or "Boeing 747 in flight" should be patently obvious from the context and does not need to be captioned. "A Qantas Airlines Boeing 747-400 at Heathrow Airport in 2006" is an example of a useful caption. Captions will appeared centred in the infobox.
long caption
A longer (multi-line), more detailed caption may be desirable from time to time. Long captions will appear left-justified in the infobox. Won't display if caption is defined.

Template with notes[change source]

{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |name = REQUIRED <!-- avoid stating manufacturer (it's stated 3 lines below) unless name used by other aircraft manufacturers -->
 |image = <!-- in the ''File:filename'' format with no image tags.  In-flight images are preferred for aircraft. -->
 |alt = <!-- Alt text for main image -->
 |caption = <!-- Image caption; if it isn't descriptive, please skip. -->
 |long caption = <!-- A longer (multi-line), more detailed caption may be desirable from time to time. Text is left-justified in the infobox. -->

Example[change source]

 |name = Foo
 |image = Foo.jpg
 |size = 300px
 |alt = an aircraft in flight
 |caption = The Foo on its first flight

Tracking categories[change source]

Supporting templates and modules[change source]

The following templates are used directly from this template:

TemplateData[change source]

TemplateData documentation used by VisualEditor and other tools
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TemplateData for Infobox aircraft begin

No description.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


Name of the aircraft without the name of the manufacturer


Image of the aircraft

Page nameoptional
Image Sizesize

Size of image (eg. 300px)

Alternative Textalt

Alternative text to display if image does not display for whatever reason


Caption for the image

Long captionlong caption

A longer (multi-line), more detailed caption may be desirable from time to time. Long captions will appear left-justified in the infobox.