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Usage[change source]

This template SHOULD ONLY be used for attraction models. Please use Infobox roller coaster for roller coaster articles, Infobox water ride for water ride articles, or Infobox attraction for specific attractions that are not models.

First manufactured{{{first_produced}}}
No. of installations{{{No. of installations}}}
Height[convert: invalid number]
Drop[convert: invalid number]
Length[convert: invalid number]
Speed[convert: invalid number]
G force{{{gforce}}}
Capacity{{{capacity}}} riders per hour
Vehicle type{{{vehicle_type}}}
Riders per vehicle{{{riders_per_vehicle}}}
Riders per row{{{riders_per_row}}}
Restraint Style{{{restraint}}}
{{{name}}} at RCDB
{{Infobox attraction model
| name                = 
| logo                = <!--Use ONLY the filename, not a full [[Image:]] link-->
| logo_width          = <!--Default is 250px-->
| image               = <!--Use ONLY the filename, not a full [[Image:]] link-->
| imagedimensions     = <!--Default is 250px-->
| caption             = 
| status              =
| first_produced      = <!--Year first model of the ride was built.-->
| installations       = <!--The number of attractions of the model that have been installed including models that have been closed/demolished.-->
| manufacturer        = <!--Must not be linked.-->
| manufacturer2       = <!--Only to be used if there is more than one manufacturer.-->
| designer            = <!--Should be linked.-->
| height_ft           = <!--Must be expressed in feet and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| height_m            = <!--Must be expressed in metres and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| drop_ft             = <!--Must be expressed in feet and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| drop_m              = <!--Must be expressed in metres and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| length_ft           = <!--Must be expressed in feet and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| length_m            = <!--Must be expressed in metres and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| speed_mph           = <!--Must be expressed in miles per hour and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| speed_km/h          = <!--Must be expressed in kilometres per hour and may contain only numeric characters.-->
| gforce              = 
| capacity            = <!--If number is known, include this parameter.-->
<!--Use only one of vehicles, rows, participants, or audience-->
| vehicle_type        = 
| vehicles            = 
| riders_per_vehicle  = <!--Only use if vehicles has been specified.-->
| rows                = 
| riders_per_row      =
| participants_per_group= <!--Only use if neither rows or vehicles is applicable.-->
| audience_capacity   = <!--For shows-->
| duration            = 
| restraint           =
| custom_label_1      = 
| custom_value_1      = 
| custom_label_2      = 
| custom_value_2      = 
| custom_label_3      = 
| custom_value_3      = 
| custom_label_4      = 
| custom_value_4      = 
| custom_label_5      = 
| custom_value_5      = 
| custom_label_6      = 
| custom_value_6      = 
| custom_label_7      = 
| custom_value_7      = 
| custom_label_8      = 
| custom_value_8      = 
| rcdb_number         =  <!--The number in the URL of the coaster's RCDB page. This parameter should only be used for roller coaster models.-->

Parameters[change source]

Parameter Description Example
name The full name of the attraction model. Should not be linked. Skylab
logo, logo_width All articles should feature a logo. If no logo is currently available, please leave this field blank. logo=Skylab logo.jpg
image, imagedimensions, caption Use "image" to display the primary picture of the ride. The "caption" parameter can be used to describe the image if required. "image_width" sets the width of the "image" parameter. image=Skylab HUSS.jpg
caption=The Claw from Main Street.
status The current status of the ride: in production, discontinued, or in development (NOTE: Only use lower case letters.) discontinued
installations The number of attractions of the model that have been installed including models that have been closed/demolished. About 64
manufacturer Use this for the company that manufactured the ride. Must not be linked. HUSS
manufacturer2 Use this instead of {{{manufacturer}}} when there are multiple companies. [[HUSS]]<br/>[[Chance Rides]]
designer The ride's designer. If there is an appropriate article, provide a link to it here.
height_ft, height_m, drop_ft, drop_m, speed_mph, speed_km/h, length_ft, length_m All of these parameters must use values that are entirely numeric. The amusement ride's height and length may be expressed in feet or meters (if feet and inches are given, use decimals instead) and speed may be expressed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Conversions to SI/metric (meters or km/h) or imperial/US customary (feet or mph) will automatically be calculated and included - this is why these parameters must be entirely numeric. For example, a height value of "230" must be used instead of "230 ft" or anything similar. 230
gforce The maximum G force that riders experience during the ride. 4.5
capacity The maximum number of guests that the ride can accommodate in one hour. 1000
vehicles, riders_per_vehicle, rows, riders_per_row If the amusement ride features separate vehicles (e.g. track rides, revolving rides with separation between riders) use vehicles and riders_per_vehicle. If the amusement ride features riders in situation in rows (e.g. simulator) use rows and rows_per_vehicle. Any numeric values
duration The amount of time the ride takes to complete one full ride cycle. 3 minutes
restraints The type of restraint system the ride model uses. Lap bar
custom_label_1, custom_value_1, custom_label_2, custom_value_2, etc. If there is a general statistic that is missing from the above categories, include it here. The label fields will appear in bold on the left while the values will appear normally on the right. Maximum Height
rcdb_number The number in the URL (not the full URL) of the coaster's entry at the Roller Coaster Database. For example, the roller coaster model, Wing Coaster's, RCDB page is http://rcdb.com/9896.htm so the RCDB Number for the Wing Coaster model is 9896. 9896

Article category[change source]

Any article containing this template is automatically added to Category:Amusement ride models by name.

Tracking category[change source]

Category:Amusement ride article using undocumented parameters (0) is a hidden maintenance/tracking category used to track any articles which contain this template and include any of the following parameters:

  • height – removed, use height_ft or height_m
  • drop – removed, use drop_ft or drop_m
  • length – removed, use length_ft or length_m
  • speed – removed, use speed_mph or speed_km/h
  • sitearea – removed, use sitearea_sqft or sitearea_sqm
  • restriction – removed, use restriction_ft / restriction_in or restriction_cm