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Usage[change source]

{{Infobox comic strip
| fgcolor     =
| bgcolor     =
| title       = 
| image       = 
| caption     = 
| author      = 
| current     =
| url         = 
| status      = 
| first       = 
| last        = 
| altnames    =
| syndicate   = 
| publisher   = 
| genre       = 
| rating      = 
| preceded by = 
| followed by = 

Attributes[change source]

bgcolor (or bgcolour)
A background color for the title bar
fgcolor (or fgcolour)
A foreground color for the title bar
The strip's title.
An image from the strip.
A caption for the image.
author (or creator)
The author of the strip.
The person currently responsible for the strip, if different from author/creator.
url (or website)
The website of the strip.
current status/publishing schedule.
first (or began)
Date of the first strip (and maybe a link to the archive).
last (or ended)
Date of the final strip (and maybe a link to the archive).
Any notable variations of the strip name.
Any groups syndicating the strip in any medium.
Any groups publishing the strip in any medium.
The genre(s) of the strip.
Content rating if applicable.
preceded by
The preceding strip in the series.
followed by
The successor to the strip.

Example[change source]

Comic image missing.svg
Author(s) Scott Adams
Current status / schedule Running
Launch date April 16, 1989
Syndicate(s) United Feature Syndicate
Publisher(s) Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genre(s) Humor
{{Infobox Comic strip
|image       = [[Image:Comic image missing.svg|150px]]
|caption     = 
|creator=[[Scott Adams]]
|syndicate=[[United Media|United Feature Syndicate]]
|publisher=[[Andrews McMeel Publishing]]
|first=April 16, 1989