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Code[change source]

Other namesnames
Classification classification
Hornbostel–Sachs classificationhombostel_sachs
Playing range
Related instruments
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{{Infobox instrument
| name                  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| names                 =
| image                 = Replace this image butterfly.png
| image_capt            =
| background            =
| classification        =
| hornbostel_sachs      =
| hornbostel_sachs_desc =
| inventors             =
| developed             =
| range                 =
| related               =
| musicians             =
| builders              =
| articles              =

Usage[change source]

This template, meant to be used on all musical instrument pages, takes the following parameters (bold parameters are required, others are optional):

name – full name of the instrument - using WikiProject Musical Instruments/Templates/Infobox instrument/doc will set this field to the name of the article
names – other name/names
image – the filename of a photo of the instrument
image_capt - a caption for the photo of the instrument
background – the general classification of the instrument ('keyboard', 'woodwind', 'brass', 'string', 'percussion', 'electronic', or 'other') used to choose the color scheme of the infobox and populate a simple classification link-header below the image caption
classification – the classification of the instrument (such as string, woodwind, etc.)
hornbostel_sachs - the Hornbostel-Sachs classification of the instrument (or 'NaN', if not specified, such as for the Hydraulophone)
hornbostel_sachs_desc - a textual description of the Hornbostel-Sachs classification
inventors - the inventor(s) of the instrument, if known
developed - the rough time period (and instrument from which) the instrument was developed (e.g. "Early 16th century" for the violin, "Early 18th century from the chalumeau" for the clarinet, etc.)
range - the playing range of the instrument (an image is preferred; many are already created, see commons:Category:Instrument ranges)
related - related musical instruments
musicians - related musicians
builders - related musical instrument makers
articles - other articles which may be of interest