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Has been applied to many different pages. Please be aware that any changes that you make could have a wide reaching impact and as such should be discussed on the talk page so as to ensure that a consensus may be reached.

Be sure that there are objective and academic references in the article body for all claims made in this infobox.

Usage[change source]

Copy the code shown below, and paste it into the article you would like the above Infobox to appear in.

[[File:{{{image}}}|{{{image size}}}|center|alt={{{alt}}}|upright={{{image upright}}}]]
Sub grouping{{{Sub_Grouping}}}
Other name(s){{{AKA}}}
{{Infobox mythical creature
|name             = <!-- Name of creature -->
|AKA              = <!-- Other names used to explicitly refer to the same creature -->
|image            = <!-- Image filename -->
|image_size       = <!-- Image size in pixels; do not use with image_upright -->
|image_upright    = <!-- Image size scale factor; do not use with image_size -->
|caption          = <!-- Image description -->
|Folklore         = <!-- Folklore genre (legend, myth, recipe, charm, etc.—please note that these are not synonyms) -->
|Grouping         = <!-- A generic category (e.g. [[Monster]]) -->
|Sub_Grouping     = <!-- A broader generic category, if applicable -->
|Family           = <!-- Attested family members, if applicable -->
|Country          = <!-- Country of origin, if applicable -->
|Region           = <!-- Region of origin -->
|Details          = <!-- Any additional details -->
|First_Attested   = <!-- First attestation (in other words, source) -->
|Similar_entities = <!-- Entities described as similar -->

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