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Infobox road small is a compact version of {{infobox road}} that is intended to be used where the full infobox would be a bit excessive or unwieldy, such as in a subsection of an article.

Usage[change source]

The infobox accepts four mandatory parameters and seven optional parameters.

  • One of the following:
    • country: country that the route is in
    • province: province that the route is in (for Canadian provinces only)
    • state: state that the route is in (for U.S. and Mexican states only)
  • type: type of the route
  • route: the number of the route
  • location: location of the route, either a single location or the locations of the route's termini separated by an en dash
  • name: overrides the highway name displayed by default; use only if necessary
  • shield: overrides the shield displayed by default; use only if necessary. Use "shield=none" if the route does not have a shield.
  • county: county that the route is in (necessary only for county routes)
  • subtype: the type of special route that the route is (necessary only for special routes)
  • length_mi: length of the route (use only if length is in miles)
  • length_km: length of the route (use only if length is in kilometers)
  • length_ref: reference for the length
  • length_round: the decimal precision of the length
  • formed: year that the designation was assigned
  • deleted: year that the designation was removed
  • yr_ref: unified reference for formed/deleted years that displays at the end of the line. You can optionally add individual refs in the "formed" and "deleted" fields.

Blank syntax[change source]

{{Infobox road small

Examples[change source]

Interstate 5 Business
Location:National City, California
{{Infobox road small
|location=[[National City, California]]

U.S. Route 1-9 Truck
Location:Jersey City, New Jersey
Length:4.11 mi[1] (6.61 km)
{{infobox road small
|location=[[Jersey City, New Jersey]]
|length_ref=<ref name=SLD2>{{cite web|url=http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/refdata/sldiag/00000001T_-.pdf|title=U.S. Route 1-9 Truck straight line diagram|publisher=New Jersey Department of Transportation|accessdate=2007-04-12}}</ref>

Related pages[change source]

  • {{infobox road}}, a fully functional infobox intended to be used as an article's main infobox

References[change source]

  1. "U.S. Route 1-9 Truck straight line diagram" (PDF). New Jersey Department of Transportation. Retrieved 2007-04-12.