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{{Internal link helper}} (sometimes called "ilh" or "Link series") template, is a internal language cross-language link template. When a topic does not have an article, the template can display the foreign language entry link for reference on the basis of generating internal connections.

For articles that have not been created in the simple English version, the desktop version of the webpage defaults to a green link (# 00af89) with a mouse pointer to replace the red link, and the mobile version of the webpage adds a cross-language link after the red link. Registered users can select other effects in Preferences # Widget.

When the Simple English entry is created, the template and the ordinary blue link display the same effect (you can also change the setting to use light blue to display items that already have Simple English entries and foreign language entry links have not been removed), and the entries are classified as Category: A page with a blue chain but without removing the internal link assistant template. After a period of time, the robot will automatically remove the template. If the Simple English version actually has a corresponding entry, and the editor fills in another name, there will be a robot that will automatically create a redirect.

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