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{{jct}} and {{jctname}} accept the following types when used for roads in the Australia. All types are case-sensitive.

Routes[change source]

Route Type Type
File:Australian national highway 1.svg National Highway (numeric) N
File:Australian national highway A1.svg National Highway (alpha-numeric)
File:Australian national route 1.svg National Route R
File:Australian national route ALT1.svg Alternate National Route AR
File:Australian state route 2.svg State Route (numeric) S
File:Australian state route 2.svg Queensland State Route (numeric)
File:AUS Alphanumeric Route A2.svg Alpha-numeric State Route A A
File:AUS Alphanumeric Route B101.svg Alpha-numeric State Route B B
File:AUS Alphanumeric Route C101.svg Alpha-numeric State Route C C
File:AUS Alphanumeric Route M1.svg Alpha-numeric State Route M M
File:AUS Alphanumeric Route M2.svg Queensland Alpha-numeric Route M
Metroad Met
File:Australian Tourist Drive 203.svg Tourist Drive T

Alpha-numeric Routes[change source]

For alphanumeric state routes, use the letter as the type, and the number as the route number.

  • For example, use |M|1 for the state route M1

For alphanumeric national highways, use N as the type, and the letter and number combination as the route number.

  • For example, use |N|M1 for the national highway M1

See also[change source]

  • {{AUshield}} generates just the shield image