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Kent Coast Line
Chatham Main Line
to Faversham
Margate Sands(closed 1926)
Margate East(closed 1953)
Tivoli(closed 1872)
Ramsgate Harbour Tunnel
Ramsgate Harbour(closed 1926)
Dumpton Park
Ramsgate Town(closed 1926)
St Lawrence for Pegwell Bay(closed 1916)
Ebbsfleet and Cliffsend Halt(closed 1933)
Ashford to Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) Line
to Ashford International
Richborough Castle Halt(closed 1939)
Betteshanger Colliery
Martin Mill
Guston Tunnel
Chatham Main Line
to Faversham
Charlton Tunnel
Priory Tunnel
Dover Priory
Dover Harbour Tunnel
Dover Harbour(closed 1927)
Hawkesbury Street Junction
Train ferry to Dunkirk Train ferry#United Kingdom
Pier Junction
Admiralty Pier(closed 1909)
Dover Western Docks Dover–Calais ferry[disambiguation needed](closed 1994)
Dover Town(closed 1914)
Archcliffe Junction
South Eastern Main Line
to Ashford International

This is a route-map template for a UK railway.