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Purpose[change source]

Use the ship's MMSI number to create a link to Marinetraffic.com where the ship's movements can be tracked.

This template is intended to be used in the |Ship identification= field in {{Infobox ship career}}.

Usage[change source]

The only parameter in the template is the ship's MMSI number:

{{MMSI Number|mmsi}}

Example: for the article on Black Watch, {{MMSI Number|311166000}} results in MMSI number: 311166000.

See also[change source]

  • {{Cite ship register}} ({{csr}}) – a general citation template that covers major databases and registries
  • {{Ship register}} - Formats ship's register number for article's infobox
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  • {{MMSI Number}} – Formats ship's MMSI number for article's infobox and links it to Marinetraffic.com
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