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Function[change source]

Creates a bulleted list of links to all pages under some root directory using the naming scheme "year/month". Month can be in long name format, short name format, single or double digit numerical, or left off for yearly archives.

Usage[change source]

  • monthformat – Format used in naming scheme. Set to:
    • m – numerical, single digits for 1 to 9
    • mm – numerical, double digits for 01 to 09
    • mmm or shortname – short names (Jan, Feb, etc)
    • mmmm or longname or name – long names (January, February, etc)
    • If omitted or set to anything else, the default is to check for numerical (either single or double digits) and long names. This involves around three times as many expensive parser functions, and should be avoided if possible
  • root - Location to look for links. Defaults to current page
  • year - Year to use in path for search. Defaults to {{CURRENTYEAR}}
  • num - If equal to "yes" uses a numbered list instead of a bulleted list

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