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Usage[change source]

This template indicates that the article needs more sources.

How to use[change source]

Add the following to the top of the article:

{{more sources|date=January 2022}}
  • If the problem is relevant only to a specific section of the article, add {{more sources|section}} to the top of the section needing more references. If the section is completely unreferenced, use {{nosources section}} instead.
  • A talk=y parameter is allowed, setting this to any value will result in the message "See talk page for details" being included in the tag.
  • Using the date parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Articles needing additional references and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. The simplest way to use this parameter manually is {{more sources|{{subst:DATE}}}} but it can be done more explicitly as {{more sources|date=January 2022}} (both result in the same output).

Differences from related templates[change source]

Differences from {{Primarysources}} and {{Nosources}}[change source]

  • Moresources uses simple, general wording so that the template can be used any time referencing in an article needs improvement.
  • There is also a {{Refimprove|section}} and the normal variations.

Differences from {{Citation style}}[change source]

  • This template is intended for use in articles that need additional references. In case enough references appear to be present but the style of citation needs to improve, for example if it's not immediately clear which references back which facts, please don't use this template, but use {{Citation style}} instead.

Differences with {{Fact}}[change source]

  • Moresources works for general and inline references whereas {{Fact}} is used for specific controversial statements requiring referencing.
  • Unlike {{Fact}}, Moresources places a very conspicuous banner on the article.

Differences from {{Nofootnotes}}, {{Morefootnotes}}[change source]

  • Moresources can be used when there is not an "external links" or "further reading" section in the article.
  • Nofootnotes and Somefootnotes, when used in conjunction with an "external links" or "further reading" section, give clearer instructions on what can be done to improve the referencing of the article.

Redirects[change source]

  1. {{+r}}
  2. {{+R}}

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