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Usage[change source]

{{subst:Multi notice}}
{{subst:Multi notice|article}} references a specific article
{{subst:Multi notice|article|additional message}} adds text onto the end of the message
  • This template has been carefully designed based on guidelines by the user warnings project.
  • Please discuss the general visual appearance of these templates (for example, the image in the top-left corner) on the user warning talk page.
  • Please refer to the index of message templates before using any template on user talk pages to warn a user. Applying the best template available for your purpose may help reduce confusion from the message you are sending.
  • Please remember to substitute the template using {{subst:Multi notice}} rather than {{multi notice}}.
  • This template uses a parser function. To give greater detail to your message, you may add the article and some additional text to the end of the template.

Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

This template should be put on all templates that are covered by WP:UW and listed on WP:UTM.

Template series[change source]

For easy navigation, it is possible to use {{user warning set}}. There are three variables you can use, one of which is required. Another is recommended, and another is only needed if escalation is required. The format for this is:

{{templatesnotice|series=series |max=max |escalate=escalate}}
  • |series= is the name of the template series. This is the prefix of the template. Examples of series names are "uw-vandalism", "uw-test", "uw-spam", "uw-agf".
  • |max= is the number of templates in the series. For the "uw-advert" series, which contains the templates {{uw-advert1}}, {{uw-advert2}}, and {{uw-advert3}}, the max would be 3. If all four levels are used, max would be 4. Any values other than "3" or "4" would yield levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 4im being displayed. Use "4im" for the max value if this is the case.
  • |escalate= indicates whether the template series escalated to {{uw-vandalism4}}. The test series contains the templates {{uw-test1}}, {{uw-test2}}, and {{uw-test3}}, so its max value would be 3. If such edits continue, it would be necessary to use {{uw-vandalism4}} as a level 4 warning, so for the uw-test series, escalate is set to "yes". Setting it to "true" or any other value would result in the escalation option not being used.

This feature calls {{user warning set}}, and uses complex ParserFunctions to do so.

Twinkle use notification[change source]

This template automatically adds {{Twinkle standard installation}} to templates that transclude it. If an individual template is not used by Twinkle, it can be disabled by |notwinkle=yes or similar.