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Usage[change source]

Use this template to link to "NHL season" articles from a particular year. The first parameter is the starting year of the season. By default, the template displays text in the form "yyyy–yy"; except for the 1999–2000 season, which is in the form "yyyy–yyyy" to comply with WP:YEAR: "A closing CE/AD year is normally written with two digits (1881–86) unless it is in a different century from that of the opening year (1881–1986)" (as of April 2009).

A second parameter may be used if only one year is to be displayed (does not work if nolink is passed in).

{{nhly|...}} is the other name of this template.

Named parameters[change source]

Passing in any non-empty text will produce the same result, so as a matter of style, only pass in "y" (without quotes).

Text must not be linked.
Text must be in "yyyy–yyyy" format.
The 1999–2000 season is to be displayed as "1999–00" instead of "1999–2000".

Examples[change source]

  • {{NHL Year|1999}}1999–2000
  • {{NHL Year|1999|start}}1999
  • {{NHL Year|1999|end}}2000
  • {{NHL Year|1999|trunc=y}}1999–00
  • {{NHL Year|1999|nolink=y|trunc=y}} → 1999–00

  • {{NHL Year|1998}}1998–99
  • {{NHL Year|1998|full=y}}1998–1999
  • {{NHL Year|1998|full=y|nolink=y}} → 1998–1999

Bad examples[change source]

  • For style, only pass in "y" for the optional parameters: {{NHL Year|1999|nolink=NO}} → 1999–2000
  • full and trunc conflict: {{NHL Year|1999|full=y|trunc=y}}1999–2000
  • start/end and nolink are incompatible: {{NHL Year|1999|start|nolink=y}} → 1999–2000
  • trunc is useless for years other than 1999: {{NHL Year|1998|trunc=y}}1998–99
  • full is useless for 1999: {{NHL Year|1999|full=y}}1999–2000

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