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Usage[change source]

This template provides a standardized inline reference for the National Register of Historic Places' NRIS database as a source. Template syntax is as follows: {{NRISref|version=database|dateform=format|accessdate=date|nolink=yes/no}}

With a standard output of:

"National Register Information System". National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. (date corresponding to database version). Retrieved (date database was retrieved). Check date values in: |accessdate=, |date= (help)

Database versions[change source]

There are several acceptable values for the |version= parameter, representing specific versions of the NRIS database:

  • 2010a: Database released December 2010, with changes up to July 9, 2010.
  • 2009a: Database available until July 2010, with changes up to March 13, 2009. Used in probably 10,000+ wikipedia articles. It was soon reuploaded on the NPS Focus website at http://nrhp.focus.nps.gov/natreg/docs/All_Data.html.
  • 2008b: Database containing updates through April 24, 2008. Used in 1,206 articles that still included this as of January 2011 (according to this report).
  • 2008a: Database containing updates through April 15, 2008. Used in several thousand wikipedia articles.
  • 2007b: Database containing updates through June 30, 2007. Used in 296 wikipedia articles as of January 2011.
  • 2007a: Database containing updates through January 23, 2007. Used in several thousand wikipedia articles.
  • 2006a: Database containing updates through March 15, 2006. Used in 315 wikipedia articles as of January 2011.

Any year in which only one database version is present may drop the "a" at the end (e.g. "2010" will work in place of "2010a"). It is also possible to simply make the database the first unnamed parameter used in the template (e.g. {{NRISref|2009a}} works exactly the same as {{NRISref|version=2009a}}). If the database value is incorrectly specified (e.g. the database parameter contains an access date), the article is added to Category:NRISref errors. There are currently 2 articles in the error category.

Optional parameters[change source]

  • |dateform= - Setting this to "dmy" gives 9 July 2010, "mdy" gives July 9, 2010, and both "ymd" and "iso" give the default 2010-07-09
  • |accessdate= - Set this to the date on which the database was accessed.
  • |nolink= - Setting this to any value removes the link to the database download website.