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{{NYCS {{{1}}}|time=|exclude=}}

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Usage[change source]

This template formats the services that operate on a New York City Subway line. It calls one of service templates and adds the word train or trains after it, according to the number of services that the called template returns. For example:

  • direct calls to service templates:
{{NYCS Sixth}} gives B, ​D, ​F, <F>, and ​M
{{NYCS Crosstown}} gives G
{{NYCS none}} gives no regular service
{{NYCS trains|Sixth}} gives B, ​D, ​F, <F>, and ​M trains
{{NYCS trains|Crosstown}} gives G train
{{NYCS trains|none}} gives no regular service
{{NYCS trains|Sixth|bold}} gives B, ​D, ​F, <F>, and ​M trains
{{NYCS trains|Crosstown|bold}} gives G train
{{NYCS trains|none|bold}} gives no regular service
{{NYCS trains|Sixth|type=route}} gives B, ​D, ​F, <F>, and ​M routes
{{NYCS trains|Crosstown|type=route}} gives G route
{{NYCS trains|none|type=route}} gives no regular service

Syntax[change source]

{{ NYCS trains |1=<service template>|2=bold|time=...|exclude=... }}

  • 1: service template name, not including the NYCS prefix (see examples above; it's the only required parameter)
  • 2: the word bold or omitted; if present, the output is formatted in bold, except for the word train/trains. If the route name given is a long name like "no regular service", it does not bold the route.
  • apos: adds a possessive, singular train's or plural trains'
  • time: this parameter is passed as is to the called template
  • exclude: this parameter is passed as is to the called template
  • type: if omitted, the template adds the word train/trains;
if is equal to route or routes, the template adds the word route/routes;
if is equal to service or services, the template adds the word service/services

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