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Given a country and a political party, this template will give an abbreviation that links to the entry on that party.

Usage[change source]


  • country_name: Name of country (common name or abbreviation), with or without Wikilinking.
  • political_party: Name, abbreviation or acronym of politcal party

Examples[change source]

  1. {{Polparty|Australia|Labor}} = [[Australian Labor Party|ALP]]
  2. {{Polparty|Canada|NDP}} = [[New Democratic Party|NDP]]
  3. {{Polparty|Czechia|KDU-CSL}} = [[Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party|KDU-ČSL]]
  4. {{Polparty|[[Germany]]|FDP}} = [[Free Democratic Party (Germany)|FDP]]
  5. {{Polparty|USA|D}} = [[Democratic Party (United States)|D]]
  6. Special case: {{Polparty|Independent}} = [[Independent (politician)|Ind.]]

Still under construction[change source]

Most countries are not yet covered.

Do NOT substitute this template at this time, it transludes the entire #switch construction instead of just the link you want.

When adding entries within the template, list countries in alphabetical order. Give wikilinked and non-wikilinked names, as well as any possible abbreviations (eg. United States, USA).

Each country contains 2 switch groups: one for acronyms, another for non-acronyms. This second group should always end with the Independent and default options.

Countries Currently Supported[change source]

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Czechia (acronyms without diacritics)
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • USA

Infoboxes using this template[change source]