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Usage[change source]

This template converts a population and area to a density.

{{Pop density|number of people|numerical value of area|unit of area|area unit to convert to}}

Examples[change source]

  • {{Pop density|120|240|km2|sqmi}} → "0.500/km2 (1.29/sq mi)"
  • {{Pop density|1600|600|sqmi|km2}} → "2.67/sq mi (1.03/km2)"
  • {{Pop density|120|240|km2|sqmi|prec=1}} → "0.5/km2 (1.3/sq mi)"
no conversion
  • {{Pop density|120|240|km2}} → "0.500/km2"
reverse outputs
  • {{Pop density|1600|600|sqmi|km2|flip=on}} → "1.03/km2 (2.67/sq mi)"
give only raw numerical output
  • {{Pop density|120|240|km2|disp=num}} → "0.500"
  • {{Pop density|1600|600|sqmi|disp=num}} → "2.67"
  • {{Pop density|120|240|km2|sqmi|disp=num}} → "1.29"
  • {{Pop density|1600|600|sqmi|km2|disp=num}} → "1.03"