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Format: {{rail-interchange|city|<type>}}

Note, these are the names of the main location involved, and not the brand used by the current franchise operator. If the logo should change, it can be easily updated within this template.

So, alphabetically

  • Midland Metro{{rail-interchange|birmingham}}
  • Brussels Metro {{rail-interchange|brussels}}
  • Glasgow Subway {{rail-interchange|glasgow}}
  • Add→{{rail-interchange}} {{rail-interchange|grenoble}}
  • {{rail-interchange|london}}
    • Docklands Light Railway {{rail-interchange|london|dlr}}
    • London Overground {{rail-interchange|london|overground}}
    • {{rail-interchange|london|rail}}
    • London River Services {{rail-interchange|london|river}}
    • Tramlink {{rail-interchange|london|tram}}
    • London Underground {{rail-interchange|london|underground}}
  • Manchester Metrolink {{rail-interchange|manchester}}
  • Tyne and Wear Metro {{rail-interchange|newcastle}}
  • Nottingham Express Transit {{rail-interchange|nottingham}}
  • {{rail-interchange|paris}}
    • Paris Métro {{rail-interchange|paris|metro}}
    • RER {{rail-interchange|paris|rer}}
    • Tramways in Île-de-France {{rail-interchange|paris|tram}}
    • Transilien {{rail-interchange|paris|transilien}}
    • Orlyval {{rail-interchange|paris|orlyval}}
    • CDGVAL {{rail-interchange|paris|cdgval}}
  • Sheffield Supertram {{rail-interchange|sheffield}}
  • {{rail-interchange|warsaw}}
    • Polish State Railways {{rail-interchange|warsaw|rail}}

And some specials:

  • Deutsche Bahn {{rail-interchange|de|rail}}
  • {{rail-interchange|gb|rail}}
  • Airport interchange {{rail-interchange|air}}

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