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This template warns our readers that the information presented in the article may not be final due to missing/unpublished/uncertain information about a recently deceased person, and that readers should therefore be cautious about the content presented. This is generally true for all of our articles, but in cases of extraordinary public attention that risk is especially high. As such, it should only be used in cases where many editors (perhaps dozens or more) are editing the article on the same day, and it should be removed as soon as the editing goes down to a normal level again. Do not use it merely to tag the article of a recently deceased person, as that would defeat the template's purpose.

This template will add the article to Category:Recent deaths.

Usage[change source]

Do not substitute this template.

When using this template, check the article talk page. Remove any {{Blp}} template that refers to this person. Also check the body of the article, infoboxes and other templates, and the categories at the end of the article and make the appropriate changes.