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This template automatically generates links to any RfPs that have been opened in a certain users' name. Currently RfB's and the current RfX is supported. Users with legacy RfAs are not supported and may break the template.

It will show you links to old RfA & RfBs, as well as old RfXcurrent (where "X" is the RfP currently being held).

It gives you links to two edit counters.

It will also display a message if the RfX is protected, reminding sysops not to edit either.

Finally, it will show who last edited the RfX, to make it easier for people to see if anything has changed since the last time they checked (and if the candidate edits, there's a slight difference in colour).

Usage[change source]

Place on an RfP subpage. {{RfA Statistics|Yotcmdr}}

If a change to the generic protection notice is required, use

{{RfA Statistics|Eptalon|protection notice=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet}}

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