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This template is used for transport route-maps. It is part of the 'BS' templates.

Fields[change source]

Parameters[change source]

Unnamed parameters[change source]

  • 1: First text item
  • 2: Second text item
    • If both text items are entered, a dash will be shown between them. If either or both are blank, the dash will be omitted.

Named parameters[change source]

  • enclosed: Display brackets (parentheses) around the two text items. Defaults to yes. When |enclosed=no, no brackets will be displayed.
  • Licon: Icon to show before the first text item.
  • Ricon: Icon to show after the second text item.
    • The icon parameters may be placed in any order. Theparameter may be entered in upper or lower case. Valid values, and the icons displayed, are listed below (further information at Template:RoutemapRouteIcon/doc):
u, up d, dn, down l, left r, right

Notes[change source]

  • All parameters are optional.
  • Parameter values are case-insensitive
  • Parameter order is not important, but where two 'text items' are specified, the first will always be displayed on the left.
RoutemapRoute template – Example usage
WikiSyntax Display
  {{RoutemapRoute|Licon=Left|[[Minehead]]|[[Taunton]]|Ricon=Right}}     ( Minehead – Taunton )  
  {{RoutemapRoute|[[Minehead]]|[[Taunton]]|Licon=Left|Ricon=Right}}     ( Minehead – Taunton )  
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|[[Minehead]]|Licon=U|Ricon=D}} ( Taunton – Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|Licon=L|[[Minehead]]||}} ( Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|[[Minehead]]}} Taunton – Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|Licon=R|Ricon=L||}} (  )
Add enclosed=no to suppress brackets:
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|Ricon=R|||enclosed=no}}  Taunton 

(  )