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The {{Smallcaps}} template allows you to display text in small caps (e.g. Lord, as it is written in some Bibles.)

Note[change source]

As with most templates, if the argument contains an =, the argument should be prefixed with 1=.

There is a parsing problem with MediaWiki which causes unexpected behavior when a template with one style is used within a template with another style.

Code Gives
{{smallcaps|Hello world}} Hello world
{{smallcaps|2+2=4}} {{{1}}}
{{smallcaps|1=2+2=4}} 2+2=4
{{smallcaps|{{red|Hello}} world}} Hello world
{{smallcaps|1={{red|Hello}} world}} Hello world
{{smallcaps|before|after}} before
{{smallcaps|1=before{{!}}after}} after
{{smallcaps|1=before&124;after}} before|after