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{{{title}}} at Structurae

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Template:Structurae displays an external link or citation for an entry in the Structurae database.

This template is for "structure" entries only; use {{Structurae person}} for "person" entries; templates for other entry kinds (projects, companies, etc.) may be created at a later time, as the need arises.

Usage[change source]

ID only (uses Wikipedia article name as link text)
{{Structurae | ID }}
{{Structurae | id = ID }}
ID with title
{{Structurae | ID | TITLE }}
{{Structurae | id = ID | title = TITLE }}
ID with title and accessdate
{{Structurae | ID | TITLE | DATE }}
{{Structurae | id = ID | title = TITLE | accessdate = DATE }}
Using Wikidata property Structurae structure ID (P454)
{{Structurae | title = TITLE }}

Parameters[change source]

id or unnamed parameter 1
Required: the "Structure-ID" key of the database entry. It can be found above the contributions/corrections box, at the right lower part of the website within the box About this data sheet.
title or name or unnamed parameter 2
Recommended: the name of the linked-to article, as it appears in Structurae. If omitted, the name of the referencing Wikipedia page is used.
accessdate or unnamed parameter 3
Optional: the access date, if Structurae is being cited as a reference. Should normally be omitted when merely including the Structurae entry as an external link in an article.
Optional: set to any value to turn off linking of Structurae, to avoid overlinking in articles with multiple calls to this template.

Examples[change source]

ID with title[change source]

Both redirect to https://structurae.net/structures/eiffel-tower
{{Structurae | id= 20000021 | title= Eiffel Tower }}
{{Structurae | s0000021 | Eiffel Tower | nolink= yes }}
Eiffel Tower at Structurae
Eiffel Tower at Structurae

ID with title and accessdate[change source]

Both redirect to https://structurae.net/structures/rockefeller-center
{{Structurae | id= 10000158 | title= Rockefeller Center | accessdate= 2019-01-28 }}
{{Structurae | p0000158 | Rockefeller Center | 2019-01-28 | nolink= yes }}
Rockefeller Center at Structurae. Retrieved 2019-01-28.
Rockefeller Center at Structurae. Retrieved 2019-01-28.

Missing ID and Wikidata property not defined[change source]

{{Structurae}} template missing ID and not present in Wikidata.

Tracking categories[change source]

template with ID
template missing ID

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