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Tcmdb title at the TCM Movie Database

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The tcmdb title template is based on the templates {{IMDb title}} and {{amg movie}}. It requires an ID and a title, and includes a link to the main article on Turner Classic Movies. TCM maintains its own comprehensive database of motion picture titles that are not limited to the film libraries that TCM owns, and includes links by which a user can suggest to TCM that they schedule any given title for viewing.

Usage[change source]

  1. Visit the TCM Movie Database.
  2. In the keyword search field, type in the title you want to link to, and click "Search."
  3. TCM will show a disambiguation page showing all titles that match your search words. Click on the title you want (make sure you have the correct year of release!).
  4. Copy the ID number that appears after the phrase "stid=" in the URL listing.
  5. In the article you are editing, type {{tcmdb title|id=(the ID you copied)|title=(the title)}}.

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