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Usage[change source]

This template can be added to the talk pages of articles with no inter-language links. It should only be used with articles about clearly notable and encyclopaedic topics, and that are ready for translation. Ideally, the article should be well-written, simple, and should contain references to reliable sources. Once the article contains an interwiki link, the template can be removed from the talk page.

This system helps to keep track of articles about subjects that do not meet Wikipedia's inclusion criteria. It also helps to keep track of articles that duplicate the content of another. If a page has no inter-language links, then it is likely[1] to be about a subject that is either not notable, already covered by another article, or should be covered as part of a broader topic.

By marking the talk pages of articles that are genuine candidates for translation, editors can more easily track down articles that either:

  • have escaped editorial scrutiny
  • that are able to be connected to other-language versions but have not yet been
  • have been disconnected from their item on Wikidata, whether through page moves or through edits on Wikidata

If you are unsure about the notability of an article, or the merit of an article as a translation candidate, do not add the template.

Notes[change source]

  1. Research done between June and August 2013. From a sampling of roughly 1600: 30% were eventually connected to other-language versions; 5% were translated; 16% were deleted or redirected (136 due to a lack of notability, and 117 due to other quality concerns including 8 hoax pages and 24 copyright violations); 20% were merged into other articles (including 67 duplicate articles); 18% were marked as candidates for translation. The remaining 10% have not been processed yet.

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