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Usage[change source]

This template can be used for any U.S. airport which has a 3-letter FAA location identifier. It assumes that the 4-letter ICAO airport code is the letter "K" followed by the FAA identifier. It also includes a link for FAA delay information which only works for airports with scheduled flights. For airports that do not meet these criteria, try one of the other US-airport templates listed in the See also section below.

To use this template on an airport page, add the following under the "External links" section, replacing ABC with the airport's 3-letter FAA location identifier:


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  • This template provides all the same links as {{US-airport}} except the FAA delays for scheduled flights. Usually airports that don't have this information are used for general aviation (GA), thus the template's name.


  • Use this for airports where the ICAO code is not "K" followed by the FAA identifier. These are usually airports located outside the continental United States such as in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The template name is based on the fact that it allows a 2nd parameter to specify the ICAO code.


  • Use this for airports which have an FAA location identifier containing numbers or do not have an ICAO airport code. These are generally minor general aviation airports. The template excludes those links which do not work for the majority of these airports.


  • Use this for U.S. military airports, such as Air Force Bases, Army Airfields and Naval Air Stations. This template only includes links that work for most military airports.