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Usage[change source]

This is a typing short cut for linking to US Navy ship articles named in the format "USS Deep Six (AWOL-99)". Since ship names are italicized in article text, linking to them in the usual manner means typing everything twice, such as [[USS Deep Six (AWOL-99)|USS ''Deep Six'' (AWOL-99)]]. This template halves that to {{USS|Deep Six|AWOL-99}}.

Formal usage[change source]

  • {{USS|Ship Name}}
  • {{USS|Ship Name|ID}}, where ID can be the hull number, launch year, or pennant number, as specified in the article title.

Examples[change source]

Template usage Equivalent wikicode Final result
{{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65)|USS ''Enterprise'' (CVN-65)]] USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
{{USS|Constellation|1797}} [[USS Constellation (1797)|USS ''Constellation'' (1797)]] USS Constellation (1797)
{{USS|Constitution}} [[USS Constitution|USS ''Constitution'']] USS Constitution

Last example could be used to link to ship index (disambiguation) page

Optional display control parameter[change source]

There is an optional third parameter that controls which pieces of text are displayed in the article. Its value is treated as a binary number and will display the corresponding "bits". So setting the 4's bit will display USS, setting the 2's bit will display the ship name, and setting the 1's bit will display the ID. If binary math isn't your thing, refer to these examples:

Value Parameter(s)
Example Equivalent wikicode Final result
None all {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |USS ''Enterprise'' (CVN-65)]] USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
1 3rd {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|1}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |CVN-65]] CVN-65
2 2nd {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|2}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |''Enterprise'']] Enterprise
3 2nd, 3rd {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|3}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |''Enterprise'' (CVN-65)]] Enterprise (CVN-65)
4 invalid result {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|4}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |Invalid Optional Parameter]] USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
5 1st, 3rd {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|5}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |USS (CVN-65)]] USS CVN-65
6 1st, 2nd {{USS|Enterprise|CVN-65|6}} [[USS Enterprise (CVN-65) |USS ''Enterprise'']] USS Enterprise
(no 3rd)
Alternate usage: {{USS|Constitution||2}}
[[USS Constitution |''Constitution'']] Constitution

N.B.: Be careful with the third parameter if not using the second parameter. In the Constitution example above, the "|3=2" means set the third parameter to a value of two, while the alternate syntax shows using a pair of pipes, "||2", to position the value two in the third parameter position.