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(Default setup for a preference to keep user discussions grouped where they started.)

User talk

If I left you a message: please answer on my talk page, else inform me. If you leave me a message: I will answer on your talk page, unless you request otherwise. Please click here to leave me a new message.

(Sample setup for a preference to post comments on the talk page of the user they are directed to.)

Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

{{Usertalkback}} is a template for putting at the very top of your user talk page to let other people how you like to carry on discussions (whether you like to keep discussions on one user talk page or split them across two, etc.).

If you do not specify any options, the template assumes that people will continue discussions on the talk pages where the discussions were started.

It is best not to substitute this template by typing "{{subst:Usertalkback}}", so that if any changes are made to this template they will automatically appear on your talk page.

Options[change source]

For each option, the default value is displayed in bold and automatically assumed if the field is left blank.

Explain what you should do if I left you a message:
  • talkback: please answer on your talk page, then place {{Talkback}} on my talk.
  • notify: please answer on your talk page, then notify my talk page.
  • watched: please answer on your talk page, as I am watching it.
  • other: please answer on my talk page, else inform me.
Explain what I will do if you leave me a message:
  • talkback: I will answer on my talk page, then place {{Talkback}} on your talk.
  • notify: I will answer on my talk page, then notify your talk page.
  • watched: I will answer on my talk page, so please add it to your watchlist.
  • other: I will answer on your talk page, unless you request otherwise.

The value of "you" and "me" do not necessarily have to be the same, but should of course be consistent: either you chose both "other" (for suggesting discussions fragmented across both talk pages), or you chose a combination of the three first values (for suggesting discussions that stay on the page they started, and how the other party will know that you answered).

Define the size and position of the box:
  • no: the regular sized centered box is used.
  • yes: the template will shrink to a small, right-aligned floating box.
Defines how the three sentences are displayed:
  • no: as three bullet items.
  • yes: as run-on text (a single paragraph).
Selects an optional icon for the left side:
  • none: keeps maximum space to prevent lines wrapping. (On a standard 1024 display with average browser font size, adding an icon can make the three sentences wrap to six lines on your interlocutors' screen).
  • blank: No image.svg (empty icon-sized placeholder)
  • plus: B plus.svg (plus, add new message)
  • lang: Nuvola apps edu languages.svg (language, talk)
  • info: Gtk-dialog-info.svg (for your information)
  • attn: Emblem-important.svg (attention please)
  • stop: Stop hand nuvola.svg (stop, warning)
  • frag: Merge-split-transwiki default.svg (fragmented discussion)
  • anyfile.img: any valid image filename.
Defines the icon's alternative text (displayed in text-only, or as tooltip):
  • User talk: default short and relevant text.
  • Any text: should satisfy text-only browsers and the blind.
Defines the attribute or CSS style of the icon's table cell:
  • [none]: put the icon in the middle of its column
  • valign=top: put the icon at the top of its column
  • valign=bottom: put the icon at the bottom of its column
Defines the size of the icon when in regular mode:
Defines the size of the icon when in small mode:
Defines if the "Leave me a new message" line will be hidden:
  • no: normal mode at the top of a user/talk page.
  • yes: advanced use inside User:YourName/editintro (see #Editintro below).

Most values are case-insensitive ("watched" or "WAtChEd" work the same), except when it matters (such as a custom icon filename).

Examples[change source]

  • The regular version (with default values) can be seen at the top of this page.
  • The {{Usertalkback|small=yes}} version (with default values) can be seen at the right side of this section. It is inserted at the top of the section, just below the heading and before this bullet list. The text that follows will wrap next to it. In this version, the items of the regular version are merged into a single sentence, without the bullets. Just below is the code {{Usertalkback|you=other|me=other |small=yes|runon=yes |icon=frag|iconcell=valign=bottom}} for a fragmented discussion preference. (You can skip the two next paragraphs, they are a dummy Latin text for showing how text flow around the small template.)
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Editintro[change source]

(This is a special case for advanced users.)

  • The "&editintro=" option of wiki URLs allows to customize the text that will appear above the inputbox in edit mode. If you create a user subpage at User:YourName/editintro (all-lowercase "editintro"), the template will autodetect it and use it as the editintro for its "Leave me a new message" link. However, a user can set the editintro page manually using the "editintro" parameter. Regardless of which technique is used, the template will check if the page exists before including it as the editintro.
  • If you wish, you can also reuse a copy of the template in your /editintro subpage. The only change is to add the option "hidenew=yes". This is not required, but cosmetic: for someone who is already in edit mode to write you a message, it'd look silly to show him again a "Leave me a new message" link, so the option will hide it for your editintro.
  • More importantly, if you use elsewhere on Wikipedia a direct link to "create a new message on my talk page", the person using it would bypass your talk page and not see your user discussion preferences. The copy of the template in your editintro remedy this.
  • This would be even more useful in the future if it becomes possible to make such a link in the custom user signature. (Currently, external URLs are forbidden, and wiki markup doesn't seem to allow using the special options without an external URL.)
  • Example of such a link, code and result:

<SPAN CLASS="plainlinks">[http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk:Example&action=edit&section=new&editintro=User:Example/editintro Leave a new message to Example.]</SPAN>

Leave a new message to Example.

Technical[change source]

Before changing the template's code or text, please bear in mind some points that should be preserved:

  • The box follows the standards from the Wikipedia:Talk page templates guideline (such as the mandated background color, width, small= implementation, icon size, etc.), which automatically derive from a class that will self-adapt to each user's skin. The visual aspects and colors should thus not be changed, because it would hardcode colors that may look good on your own skin but could be poor on the screen of people using other skins.
  • The template is designed so that you can also place it on your user page (if wanted) in addition to your talk page, and it stays functional, that is:
    • The new message URL is constructed with TALKPAGENAME so as to work in both cases.
    • The texts say "on my talk page" rather than "here" so as to be valid in both cases.
  • The template is designed to have three short sentences that stay on a single line each, on as many screen configuration as possible:
    • The icon has been removed by default on purpose to limit line wraps.
    • The sentences have been kept concise rather than verbose.

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