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Use[change source]

  • Use the normal syntax of [[Page name]] or [[Page name|displayed text]] whenever possible.
  • Interwiki links are welcome. Many times there is no page in the Simple English Wikipedia page (yet), but there is already a page in the “complex” English Wikipedia.
  • If it is really necessary, you can use this template. It uses uses the “expensive parser function” #ifexist:.
  • If the target page does not exist in the Simple English page (yet), the “complex” English Wikipedia is automatically linked. Important: The link is always a blue link, even if there is no page in the “complex” English Wikipedia. (→ Did you make a spelling mistake?)
  • First argument is the target page’s name.
  • Second optional argument is the displayed target name. If omitted, the first argument is the displayed text.
  • Example: {{w|Main Page|Start here}} makes [[Main Page|Start here]].
  • Example: On December 16, 2022, {{w|Presseabteilung}} makes [[:en:Presseabteilung|Presseabteilung]], because (as of December 16, 2022) there is no Simple English Wikipedia page named Presseabteilung.
  • Usage of #ifexist: is intentional so the target page appears on the wanted pages list. However, there is no red link on the page where you use this template.

TemplateData[change source]

Wikipedia link template.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Link target page name and possibly also displayed text.

Main Page
Page namerequired
Display text2

Text to display as the link.

If empty, the target page’s name (first argument) is displayed.
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