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Usage[change source]

This template is to be placed on the talk page of an article that is or used to be the subject of an educational assignment as part of the Wikipedia Ambassador Program. More information on these assignments can be found at "en:Wikipedia:Ambassadors/Courses".

The template automatically places articles into "Category:Wikipedia Ambassador Program student projects".

Syntax[change source]

{{WAP assignment|project=|course=|ended=|university=|term=}}

Example Result
{{WAP assignment}}
{{WAP assignment|course=Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/American women writers fall 2010}}
{{WAP assignment|project=WikiProject Novels|course=Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/American women writers fall 2010|university=St. John's University|term=Spring 2011}}
{{WAP assignment|ended=2010-12-09|course=Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/American women writers fall 2010}}

Parameters[change source]

All the parameters of the template are optional.

Parameter Description
project The WikiProject the educational assignment is associated with. Enter the complete name of the WikiProject, for example "WikiProject Military History".
ended The date when the educational assignment ended. Enter the date in any method accepted by the template {{date}}, such as "2010-07-01", "1 July 2010" or "July 1, 2010".
course The title of the course page that has information about the assignment and the participating students, such as "Wikipedia:WikiProject United States Public Policy/Courses/Wikipedia and Public Policy fall 2010"