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Includes a small Wikidata-enabled infobox on category pages. See Commons:Wikidata infobox help for the FAQ.

{{Wikidata Infobox |qid= |interwiki= |defaultsort= }}

From Wikidata:Glossary:

  • QID (or Q number) is the unique identifier of a data item on Wikidata, comprising the letter "Q" followed by one or more digits. It is used to help people and machines understand the difference between items with the same or similar names e.g there are several places in the world called London and many people called James Smith. This number appears next to the name at the top of each Wikidata item.
  • Interwiki, sitelink or interlanguage link, is an identification of a linked page on another site. It consists of a site identifier and a title, and are stored in individual items in Wikidata. They are used both for identifying an item from an external site, and as a central storage of interwiki (interlanguage) links.
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