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This is a wrapper for {{Location map}} which adds (1) some error handling and (2) logic for determining the map name. It is intended to be used in the code for infoboxes which retrieve information from WikiData. It is not intended to be used directly in articles.

Usage[change source]

| image = {{Wikidata location map
  | nomap = {{{nomap|}}}
  | coordinates = {{{coordinates|}}}
  | locmapin = {{{locmapin|}}}<!-- or {{{pushpin_map|}}} or {{{location_map|}}} or {{{map_type|}}} -->
  | relief = {{{map_relief|1}}}<!-- or {{{pushpin_map_relief|1}}} or {{{relief|1}}} -->
  | map_width = {{{map_width|}}}<!-- or {{{pushpin_mapsize|}}} or {{{location_map_width}}} -->
  | alt = {{{map_alt|}}}<!-- or {{{pushpin_map_alt|}}} or {{{location_map_alt|}}} -->
  | name = {{{name|}}}
  | map_caption = {{{map_caption|}}}<!-- or  {{{pushpin_map_caption|}}} or {{{location_map_caption|}}} -->
  | trackingcat = 

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