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This template is a self-reference. Because of this, it is part of the Wikipedia project, not the content.

Use[change source]

This template has three parameters:

  • 1 is the language code for a Wikisource. Leave "1" blank or put anything other than a language code in it and it will link to [wikisource.org the multilingual Wikisource].
  • 2 is the page to which you're linking. Optional.
  • 3 is another optional one: the text that will appear on the template instead of 2.
If neither 2 nor 3 are filled in, the template will use the page name.

Example[change source]

Template tag Result
{{Wikisourcelang|en|The Man|Bram Stoker's "The Man"}}
Linking to the article "The Man" on the English Wikisource and making "Bram Stoker's "The Man"" appear instead.

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