Coordinates: 0°46′48″N 127°22′55″E / 0.78000°N 127.38194°E / 0.78000; 127.38194
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City of Ternate
Kota Ternate
Skyline of Ternate
Skyline of Ternate
Coat of arms of Ternate
Maku Gawene
Location within Maluku Islands
Location within Maluku Islands
Ternate is located in Maluku
Location in Maluku, Halmahera and Indonesia
Ternate is located in Halmahera
Ternate (Halmahera)
Ternate is located in Indonesia
Ternate (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 0°46′48″N 127°22′55″E / 0.78000°N 127.38194°E / 0.78000; 127.38194
Country Indonesia
ProvinceNorth Maluku
 • MayorTauhid Soleman
 • Vice MayorJasri Usman
 • Land162.17 km2 (62.61 sq mi)
 • Water5,547.55 km2 (2,141.92 sq mi)
 (2020 Census)
 • Total205,001
Time zoneUTC+9 (Indonesia Eastern Time)
Area code(+62) 921
HDIIncrease 0.800 (Very High)

Ternate is a city in the eastern Indonesian province of North Maluku. It is made up of many islands in the Maluku Islands. It was the de facto provincial capital of North Maluku before Sofifi on the nearby coast of Halmahera became the capital in 2010. It is off the west coast of Halmahera. It is made up of eight islands: Ternate, Moti, Hiri, Tifure, Mayau, Makka, Mano, and Gurida. In total, the city has a land area of 162.17 square kilometres and had a total population of 185,705 according to the 2010 census, and 205,001 according to the 2020 census, with a density of 1,264 people per square kilometre. It is the biggest and most densely populated city in the province, is the economic, cultural, and education center of North Maluku, and acts as a hub to neighbouring regions. It was the capital of the Sultanate of Ternate in the 15th and 16th centuries, and fought against the Sultanate of Tidore over control of the spice trade in the Moluccas before becoming a main interest to competing European powers. Most of the population is Muslim.

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