Thích Quảng Độ

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Thích Quảng Độ ([tʰɨt̚˦˥ waːŋ˨˩˦ ʔɗow˨˩˨]; 27 November 1928 – 22 February 2020) was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and scholar. He was the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) from 2008 until his death.[1] He was detained repeatedly by the communist authorities in the last 45 years of his life.

In 2002, he was awarded the Homo Homini Award for human rights activism.[2] He was also awarded the Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He died on 22 February 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City of diabetes-related problems at the age of 91.[3]

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