The Case of The Scorpion's Tail

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The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (Italian: La coda dello scorpione / Tail of the Scorpion) (1971 ), also known in Italian English as The tail of the scorpion, is a giallo film directed by Sergio Martino. The film scene revolves around a widow, who gets murdered by a unknown robber, and her money is stolen.

Plot[change | change source]

In Italy, a mysterious black gloved killer stalks the streets in Athens. A widow named Lisa Baumer says that her husband, Kirk, has died in a plane crash. While spending her time in a hotel with Philip, Lisa is killed by the robber, stabbing her in the belly with a switchblade. The robber then steals the money and leaves.

Next morning, private detective Peter Lynch and his friend, Cleo Dopunt, become the two detectives. Meanwhile, Lara Florakis and George Barnet are both killed by the robber. While Abad Shariff comes to save them, he leaves the car and in the end of which, he comes in the dark, but the robber stabs him with a switchblade and causes him to fall from a rooftop. The next day, Cleo is about to be killed by the robber, and Peter saves her, but Peter is shot by two of his coast guards.

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