The Co-operative Group

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A former Somerfield branch in Oakwood, Leeds after having been converted to a Co-op.

The Co-operative Group is a United Kingdom consumers' cooperative, and, after the acquisition of Somerfield supermarkets, is the world's largest consumer-owned business, with over 4.5 million members and 123,000 employees across all its businesses. Regional and local retail co-operative societies are corporate members of the Group.[1]

Each member (each person registered to the 'Co-operative Membership' scheme) and every person employed has an equal say in how the business is run.[2] Everyone has a right to help shape the company. The Co-operative Group runs several businesses, including the famous Co-op supermarket chain.[3]

Every year, members receive a share of the profits that they helped to create, based on the amount made in profits that year and how much they had spent with any of its businesses.

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