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The Drinker of Via Ripamonti

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The Drinker of Via Ripamonti
Italian: Il Bevitore di Via Ripamonti, French: Le Bouvour Via Ripamont
ArtistUmberto Boccioni
Yearc. 1914
TypeOil on poplar
Dimensions2,220 cm × 2,220 cm (87,5 in × 87,5 in)
LocationMuseo del Novecento, Milano

The Drinker of Via Ripamonti or The Drinker is a work of art painted in oil on canvas (87.5 x 87.5 cm) by Umberto Boccioni in 1914 in his studio in Via Adige, near Porta Vigentina-Via Ripamonti in Milan, kept at the Museum Museo del Novecento in Milan.

The subject is photographed in the area where Boccioni lived and where he took inspiration. The main subject is a man who is in the blissful phase of alcohol, leaning over the table and framed from above.

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