The Edge Chronicles

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The Edge Chronicles  
Author Paul Stewart
Illustrator Chris Riddell
Language English
Genre(s) High fantasy
Publisher Doubleday
Release date 1998 - 2009
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)

The Edge Chronicles are books of young-adult and fantasy wrote by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. It contains three trilogies. All in the books is surealist. Characters, cities, places, monuments, animals, plants, transportation and more were invanted by the writers.

Books[change | edit source]

The books are in the chronological order of the story.

The Quint Saga[change | edit source]

The Twig Saga[change | edit source]

The Rook Saga[change | edit source]

Standalone books[change | edit source]

  • Cloud Wolf : 2001, published for World Book Day

Chronology[change | edit source]

Chronology of the Edge.png

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