The Game (mind game)

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The Game is the name of a mind game. The goal is not to think about The Game itself. If someone thinks about The Game, they lose. If someone loses, they must tell someone or announce that they "lost The Game."

The first known reference of The Game appeared in 1990, though no one is sure how it started, and it will never end. It has lasted for about 30 years and accumulated millions of “players” around the world.

A similar game was played by Leo Tolstoy in 1840. The media has reported on The Game in many countries and has guessed the number of players to be in the millions.

A similar game, “The Game” (pronounced “‘thee’ game” not “‘tha’ game”) is played by thinking about said game, then you win. You announce you just “won The Game”

Rules[change | change source]

If you don’t know about the game you’re not in the game. A person cannot choose to stop playing.

  1. Can’t talk about the game to those not in the game. Takes 2 in the game to put a new person in the game.
  2. once told “you lost the game” you are out for 30 mins.
  3. you can only get someone out by directly telling them they lost the game or “forward message” through someone else in the game

You can never truly win The Game. Anytime who overhears someone announce "I just lost The Game" or "You just lost The Game" also loses The Game.