The Narrator (Fight Club)

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The Narrator is the unnamed protagonist and unreliable narrator of the 1996 book Fight Club and it's 1999 movie version. He has DID and is also known as Tyler Durden.

Biography[change | change source]

The Narrator is a businessman in his 30's and is bored by his business life and can't sleep. As a result, he created the Tyler Durden persona. He and Tyler Durden came up with the idea of Fight Club and Project Mayhem, a terrorist group made for men who are unhappy with consumerism. As the Narrator slept one day, Tyler vanished. He talked to people of Project Mayhem and they called him Tyler Durden. The Narrator realized that he and Tyler Durden share the same body.

Portrayal[change | change source]

The Narrator is portrayed by Edward Norton while Tyler Durden is portrayed by Brad Pitt.

Name[change | change source]

In the book and movie, the Narrator's name wasn't mentioned. He uses fake names such as Cornelius, Rupert and Travis. In the movie's script, it is Jack.