The Son of Kong

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Son of Kong (1934)
Directed byErnest Schodesack
Screenplay byRuth Rose
Story byRuth Rose
Based onKing Kong
by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace
Produced byArchie Marshek
Ernest Schodesack
Merian C. Cooper
StarringHelen Mack
Robert Armstrong
John Marston
Frank Reicher
Murray Spivack
Ed Brady
Victor Wong
Noble Johnson
CinematographyEddie Linden
Vernon Walker
J.O. Taylor
Music byMax Steiner
Radio Pictures
Grosset and Dunlap
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures (United States)
Shochiku (Japan, 1934)
Release dates
  • December 22, 1933 (1933-12-22) (United States
    (Original release))
  • December 12, 1934 (1934-12-12) (United States (Re-release)
    Philippines (August 12, 1947))
Running time
69 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Son of Kong is a 1933/1934 pre-code horror-comedy adventure monster movie. It is the sequel and final film of RKO's King Kong series and the second film to the original King Kong of 1933. It stars Robert Armstrong. He played Carl Denham in Kong. Willis O'Brien did the special effects for both movies. The sequel movie got bad reviews. followed by King Kong vs. Godzilla in 1963, for 30 years absence of the franchise. featuring Kiko an 4-meter albino furred giant gorilla after Kong's killed by biplanes top an Empire State Building.